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New Telecommunications Jobs

Up to 1,200 workers will be needed during the telecommunications infrastructure construction. Future additional jobs will include installation and network center operations.

Local Business Opportunities

From Main Street to Broadband Avenue — there will be expanded opportunities for web-based, retail, and agribusiness development.

Retain & Attract Industry

Telecommunications infrastructure connectivity and teleconferencing will make location less important to business and industry attracted to the area. It will also open up opportunities for local small business growth and development.

Rural Schools

     Now Second to None

Use of the telecommunications infrastructure will equip local schools, adult education, community colleges, and workforce training programs with the ability to teach and reach students with specialized subject area content despite possible lack of local teachers and resources in those fields.

Health Care

Telecommunications connectivity will revolutionize rural and small town health care. Family practitioners will link to specialists and teaching hospitals outside the area. Doctors will make 21st century house calls. Rural clinic nurse practitioners will link with supervising physicians and hospitals.
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