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Wilson Ellis Testimonial!!

"Dear Mr. McCall,

Mr. McCall, I am writing to you in support of your proposed project. I think that the SCABC is a great thing and will help many people in the area that it is going to serve. Nearly everyone in Alabama knows that the black belt is one the most economically depressed areas of the state. I believe that this network will help our region of the state bounce back from its recent economic depression.

I would like to tell you what this service will do for me. The immediate benefit to me would be that it would allow me to further excel in school. Throughout my entire life I have lived with data-capped Internet. This new service would provide several opportunities to me. One such example is if I was unable to figure out a math problem. Currently, if I find myself unable to answer a problem I have to go to my parents for help. Since I am only in the eighth grade, most of the time my parents can help me. However, as I start to learn more advanced math my parents may not be able to help me. With this network, I would be able to watch a video tutorial on how to do it or I could even live chat with an online tutor for help.

Within the next few years I will begin to search for a college that I want to go to. Most campuses now have video tours and other bandwidth intensive applications that I will not be able to use if this network is not installed. Furthermore, the speed provided by the network will be beneficial when applying for scholarships. Yet another way that the network that will be provided by the SCABC could help me is that it would give me the option to take online courses for college credit. Without this service I will be forced to drive forty-five minutes to Montgomery for one class.

I believe that this network will help attract people to the rural areas of central Alabama. Seeing what type of Internet that is provided in an area is something that I think is looked at almost as closely as neighborhood security and the local school system. The quality of Internet service in the area is very important to the younger generation who will be the driving force in the community in the future. I know that high-quality broadband is extremely important to businesses and I think that this network will help bring the businesses back to the area.

In conclusion, I believe that this network will greatly strengthen the area’s economy and will attract lifelong residents to this region. This will eliminate the disadvantage of not having access to high-speed Internet in less developed areas. I know that I and many others look forward to the deployment of your network and I will support the SCABC all the way."


Wilson Ellis
13 year old Middle Schooler from Hope Hull, Alabama

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