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“To own and govern a broadband communications infrastructure
designed to bridge the digital divide in South Central Alabama.”

The South Central Alabama Broadband Commission (SCABC) has two inter-related purposes, to extend a fiber optic and wireless next-generation broadband infrastructure to the unserved and underserved members of the community and to be a catalyst for economic growth through marketing, promotions and incentives to current and future organizations that utilize the next generation infrastructure.

The current telecommunications infrastructure in this region is inadequate or nonexistent and does not serve the needs of the residents. There cannot be meaningful economic development of the area without an effective broadband infrastructure.

Just as with a regional airport or a public system of roads, there must be an authority whose job is to own and manage the telecommunications infrastructure. In addition to owning the infrastructure, the authority's role is to guarantee that it will always meet the needs of the community.

The strategy of the SCABC is to leverage private and public resources to expand the infrastructure to serve the ENTIRE district. The SCABC will leverage a subsequent incremental investment to extend access to the broader market to facilitate connectivity to “Next Generation Broadband Technology”.

The short term focus of the SCABC was to get the assets of the infrastructure up and running as specified in a previous grant. Grant Fact Sheet

However, the SCABC has repurposed itself so as to achieve its ultimate goal, which has always been to expand the infrastructure to every residence, business, and institution within the reasonable length of time of 3–5 years.

The advent of broadband connectivity has the potential to revitalize economic development, jobs, education and health care in South Central Alabama.
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